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November 2017

The show at Pound Arts in July was a real triumph for me. It was only a small venue, but it enabled me to prove that I could do it - and I had a wonderful reaction from those who came to witness it.

Hoping to arrange more shows soon, watch this space


July 2017

So - as the Ostinato - LIVE show is coming up soon…

I am deep into the preparations for what I hope will be an intimate, atmospheric, immersive experience in this very special performance space at The Pound, Corsham.

The show will be an interpretation of my album Ostinato that was released a couple of years ago. This collection of musical soundscapes were the realisation of musical and sonic ideas that had been developing in my head for many years.

I first had simple minimal musical ideas in my formative years, and some of my first influences were from Terry Riley, and a few years later Philip Glass. I loved the nature of these mesmerising hypnotic creations.

But as my course in life led me from being a musician to becoming a sound engineer and music producer, I became fascinated with the nature of sound itself.

During my many years working alongside so many great and influential musicians and producers I was always storing ideas in my head.

As my career grew I began to travel a lot for my work. I spent a lot of time in transit, airports, planes, trains, stations, taxis, and staying in hotels. One had to develop a meditative state to deal with periods of waiting and travelling - patience.

In 1990 I was involved in a musical recording project for the BBC, One World One Voice, that took me around the world to record musical contributions from many artists. We had to do quite a lot of background and preparation work while in transit, which was becoming increasingly possible with portable devices and headphones. I became very aware of the environments I was experiencing at this time.

A few years later I was travelling on the Eurostar from London to Paris. I happened to listen to a couple of my music demo ideas on headphones during this trip, and I noticed the interaction between what was going on in my headphones and what was happening outside.

Shortly after I acquired a pair of in-ear binaural microphones that allowed me to capture realistic recordings of environments. They look like earbuds, but actually capture a very natural sound.

So on one particular working trip to Paris I recorded many experiences: train stations, street noise, traffic, the sound in museums, cathedrals and the Paris Metro.

While I was doing this, I started to hear the musical interpretations in my head.

And much of this was the inspiration for Ostinato.

At this stage I finally felt that I had the experience, techniques and technology that would help me realise what was spinning around my brain.

So - Ostinato is not so much a literal representation of all of this, but a way of expressing the feelings that I was experiencing on my very special journey through life.

Ostinato - LIVE sees me combining everything I have learnt - its a kind of blend between being a musician/performer, mixer, DJ/VJ, installation artist….. I don’t know what to call myself! I just love what I do….



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