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1 Euro Star
2 At the Edge of Light
3 Périphérique
4 Terminus
5 On the Beach
6 Glass in Rain
7 Sacré-Coeur
8 Metro
9 The Boy Who Said Yes
All instruments, atmospheres and sound design by Stephen W Tayler
Voice on 'The Boy Who Said Yes' - Stephen W Tayler (age 13) sample from ‘Der Jasager’ by Kurt Weill/Bertold Brecht, recorded at New College School, Oxford, translation by H M Potts, used by kind permission European American Music Corporation (U.S., U.K.) and Universal Edition Vienna.
Written, recorded and produced by Stephen W Tayler
Executive producer: Sadia Sadia
Special note of thanks to Kate Bush for giving me the confidence to finally complete this work.
© copyright Chimera Arts 2018