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Stephen W Tayler is an internationally known mixer, producer, musician and sound artist with hundreds of world-class albums to his credit, representing well over a hundred million albums sold.

About ‘Ostinato’:

'I have dreamed this work, and dreamed about this work, all my life' says Stephen.

'These are the sounds and ideas that have lived in my head...the sound of voices, choirs, organs, the piano, the clarinet, synthesizers, vocoders, places and environments, from the depths of my memory and across the years.

'The compositions are inspired by train and car journeys, grand buildings, the sea, the sky, rain, my musical daydreams....

'I had many ideas for sound and music running around inside my head as a teenager, but there was no simple outlet for it back then, or the means or technology to recreate what I heard in my head. In fact, many people (especially my music teachers) ridiculed my musical ideas.

'I spent those formative years listening to all genres of music, and reading about recording equipment, microphones, effects units, electronic organs, early synthesisers and vocoders. I even made a pilgrimage to the EMS headquarters at Deodar Road, Putney, where the early VSC3 synths and Vocoders were made. I saved hard to buy an electronic organ which I subsequently sold to buy a tape machine.

'I then got on with my life, graduated from music college, and embarked on a long career as a sound engineer and music producer.

'Now, more than 40 years on, technology has evolved to the point where I can realise this vision, as if the outer world and my inner music have finally synchronised, and the production of this album has at last been made possible.

'And in the final composition, my own voice, recorded 50 years ago.'

'The result is "Ostinato"'.


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